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[sticky post] Fic and Vid Sticky Post

I don't know if I have enough content to warrant one of these, but why not start now?


Doctor Who
Time Lord, Time Lord, Doc! (crack!vid, Classic and NuWho Doctors)
Ten & Donna: For Life (Ten/Donna)
Ten & Donna: Unity (Ten/Donna)
Red Versus The Bad Wolf (Ten/Donna vs. Rose, AU)
Captain Jack Attack! (crack!vid)
Captain Jack Attack! Part 2 (crack!vid)
A Donna Noble Tribute (slightly cracky)

Space Cases
This is War (Brave New World) (general cast)
Raise Your Glass (general cast)
Space Cases Fake Movie Trailer (AU)
Not Your Birthday (general cast)
Space Cases Song Spoof/Crack!Vid (general cast, crack!vid)
Tik Tok (general cast)
Mean Green Mother From Outer Space (crack!vid, Spung)
Shake It! (crack!vid, general cast)
All These Things That I've Done (general cast)
Disturbia (general cast)
Party Party Party! (general cast)
The Space Olympics (crack!vid, AU, general cast)


Doctor Who
A Funny Old Life
Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5 (alternate ending to Part 2), Part 3
Rating: K+
Word Count: (in progress)
Category: gen
Characters: Ten/Donna friendship and UST
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty coda to "Forest of the Dead"
Summary: Donna reflects on her life after her trip to The Library.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I do, however, own a sonic screwdriver pen and I love it!
Note: Introspective angst everywhere!

Title: In Case of Emergency: Part 1, Part 2 - Things and Stuff
Author: starseeker32
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1044
Characters: Ten/Donna
Warnings/Spoilers: Donna's thoughts during The Kiss (yes, capitalized and with a great big "The") in "The Unicorn and the Wasp."
Summary: Donna shocks the Doctor and herself.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I just wanted to play with the BBC's characters for a bit.
Prompt/Author's Note: "Near death experience + touch telepathy." This is what instantly came to mind.

Space Cases
The Challenger
Rating: T for implied alcohol use and mild swearing
Category: gen, het
Characters: Davenport/Goddard banter and emotional dysfunction. Sometimes I think those two deserve each other. ☺
Note: Borrowed dialogue/extended scene for “We Gotta Get Out of This Place.”
Summary: The commander followed after her, bewildered. God forbid she got herself killed while trying to prove a point—or worse, in order to prove a point.

Prompt: A twist on, "The vacuum of space isn't fair. It can destroy anyone who doesn't have what it takes to survive."
Rating: K
Category: gen, het
Characters or Pairings: D/G friendship
Note: Takes place during “Homeward Bound”
Summary: “It’s just an illusion.”

Words Left Unsaid
Prompt(s) used: 1. “You know, Miss Davenport, I’ve got a few things I’ve been meaning to tell you…”
2. Catching Goddard up on what happened when he was in the healing chamber.
Rating: K
Category: gen, het
Characters or pairings: D/G friendship. Rosie makes an appearance.
Note: Episode tag for “A Friend In Need”

Stuck On You
Title: Stuck on You
Prompt(s) used: “What did I ever do to you, that you should treat me this way?”
Rating: K+
Category: het
Characters or pairings: D/G banter, appearance by Thelma
Notes/Spoilers: Episode tag for "Nowhere Man."


I'm not sure how I feel about Capaldi's Doctor yet. There are moments I love him and moments where I want to scream at my TV for him to stop whining and getting into childish arguments. This past week, Clara was the ringleader clearly more capable than Twelve.

At this point, I suppose I like Capaldi, but I don't like the writing.

We'll see what happens. It's still early days for Twelve and those who write for him. I'm still waiting for a reference to Pompeii. Please at least let Twelve remember who frowned him his face!
Title: In Case of Emergency - "Things and Stuff"
Author: starseeker32
Rating: K or G
Words: 2646
Characters: Ten and Donna
Warnings/Spoilers: An episodic coda to "The Unicorn and the Wasp" in the same universe as the first part of my In Case of Emergency story. Don't let the silly title fool you: this story is about more than vague stuff and things.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I just wanted to play with the BBC's characters for a bit.
Summary: [Donna and the Doctor have to discuss the use of wiles.]

Donna and the Doctor looked up at the time rotor as the TARDIS took them onwards, in the direction of their next adventure. Donna eventually felt the Doctor's eyes on her and she turned to him, blushing slightly. "What? Have I got something on my face?"

"Hm? No, no. I was just...thinking."

"What about?"

"Oh, the usual. Things. And stuff."

Donna nodded, smirking slightly. "I see."

"And more things," the Doctor elaborated with a small smile of his own.

"Well that's very specific," Donna quipped. She swayed from side to side lazily watching her dress swish as she moved. She still felt like a little girl playing dress-up and wondered if the TARDIS had made the dress especially for her or if it was a hand-me-down from one of the Doctor's former companions.

She nervously ran her fingers along the edge of the console, anxious to find something to focus on other than the alien next to her as she cleared her head. One of her hands went to fiddle with a lever, but she thought better of it. Best not to crash the TARDIS into the 1980s.

Donna sucked in a deep breath and braced herself for the conversation she wanted to have. It would be opening a can of worms and she knew it, but it had to be done: "Doctor, back at Lady Edison's. In the kitchen. With the, um, detox..."

"Oh, I'm fine now." The Doctor gave her a reassuring smile as he bounced on the balls of his feet. "Right as rain, all thanks to you!"

"Well I'm glad of that. Don't you go dyin' on me, Spaceman." Donna pointed an accusatory finger at the Doctor, attempting to lighten the mood with a little banter. She was glad he laughed along. "But I was wondering something. During the...detox, I saw some things. It was like half a dozen daydreams played themselves out in my head. But they looked so real."

The Doctor stalled, taking a moment to rub a phantom dust particle out of his eye. "You don't say. Interesting."

"I do say. And I think you know what I'm on about, yeah?"

"Ah, yes, well," the Doctor sniffed and rubbed the back of his neck, "you know that I'm a touch telepath."

Donna nodded. "Like when we were with the Ood." She had a feeling she knew where this conversation was headed, and it made her feel an odd combination of anticipation and dread.

"I can see all the possibilities of time and space," the Doctor continued, now taking his turn at fiddling with the controls. "I can see everything that is, was, what could ever be and what must not." He pushed the same blue button over and over again. It didn't light up or seem to do anything at all, really, and Donna assumed it was now broken. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard the Doctor mutter, "Well, that's new. Got to fix that."

She cleared her throat. "You were saying?"

"Right." The Doctor stopped toying with the console and directed his attention back to Donna. "Well, if you hadn't helped me with the, um, detox, I would have died. My life was literally flashing before my eyes. And yours, it would seem."

Donna frowned. "But I didn't see the past. I saw−"

"My life is complicated, Donna. It's full of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, spacey-wacey..."

Donna grew impatient. "Doctor! You're avoiding the question."

"...stuff. Right. Like I said, I have the ability to see what could be. So when I thought of my connection to you, with my life flashing before my eyes...well, I suppose you could say that everything under the heading of 'my life' includes some possible futures as well."

"I see." Donna gulped. "I did see. Futures. With me."

An uncomfortable silence followed.

"Y'know what, let's just forget about it," Donna decided, dismissing the Doctor with a wave of her hand as she turned to leave the room.

"You're the one who brought it up," the Doctor countered, following after her. "And I can tell it's still bothering you."

Donna whirled around at the threshold. "Bothered? Really?" Donna laughed and put on a brave face. "Do I look bothered? Cos I'm not, you know. I'm definitely not bothered."

"Donna, I know you too well to believe that. You're upset. Please tell me what's wrong."

"Oh, y'know. Things and stuff," she countered. She worried her lip knowing there was no getting out of this one. "Like you said, I think I saw some of my possible futures. Some I didn't understand. There were people I didn't recognize, but it all seemed to make sense at the time. And I saw... I think I saw my own death."

The Doctor nodded but said nothing.

"When you look at me, is that what you see?" she wondered, her blue and gold eyes sparkling with unshed tears. "Do you see my death?"

"No, Donna," the Doctor was quick to reassure her. "In fact, I usually can't see much at all. I can't see my own future or the future of those people closest to me. Unless of course there are outstanding circumstances."

"Like the need for a detox. In which case..."

He took her hands in his. "What we saw, us in the street, was only one possible future. And now that we know of that teeny tiny possibility, I can make sure it never happens. I won't have you die on me. Not you. Not under any circumstances."

"Doctor, we've all got to die some day."

"But not for a very very long time," the Doctor insisted. "And not on my watch. Okay?"

Donna nodded. "So if that future doesn't happen...what about the others?"

She felt the Doctor stiffen. He lowered his voice and rasped, "Which ones?"

Donna moved away from him and wandered back to the console, her hand skimming the edge as she stepped along the grating and distracted herself by looking up at the time rotor again. "I saw a family. Children," she elaborated.

"Ah, yes. And that Lee chap. Seemed like a good fellow."

Donna shook her head. "No, I mean I was still with you. Traveling."

"Oh." The Doctor cleared his throat, unable to look Donna in the eye as he added, "That one. The traveling. With children. Traveling with children."

Donna made a noncommittal motion with her head. "It's possible that I met someone and started a family, and you decided to take them aboard."

The Doctor tugged on his earlobe. "Possible. I have a question though."

Donna took a deep breath. "What's that?"

"Why was kissing me a shock?"

Donna shrugged. "It worked, didn't it? That's all that matters."

"Yes, but why did you think it would work?"

"Because we're just mates!" Donna exclaimed, exasperated. "And mates don't do things like snog each other senseless in public when one of them is dying of cyanide poisoning, do they?"

It was a rhetorical question, but the Doctor answered it anyway. "No, mates don't usually do that. I don't think anyone does. We'd be the first."

Donna gave an exhausted sigh. "Doctor, please."

"Fine, fine. No, I get it."

"I'm so embarrassed," Donna whined, plopping herself down on the jumpseat.

"There's nothing to be embarrassed about," the Doctor disagreed as he took a seat next to her. "Your womanly wiles saved my life."

Donna groaned dramatically and buried her head in her hands. "Oh God."

"I'm trying to pay you a compliment," the Doctor clarified. "Those were...some wiles. Very wily, your wiles were."

"All right, Spaceman! I get it!" she snapped, causing the Doctor to flinch. "It was a shock that I had any wiles to speak of, yeah? You can stop harping on it now, thank you very much!"

"What? No! No, no, no." The Doctor was quick to reassure her. "I never doubted your wiles for a second."

He immediately found himself on the receiving end of one of Donna's patented glares.

"I mean, I figured you're a...um...a woman who's probably had some...experience using said wiles..." he tried to clarify.

"Oi!" Donna smacked the Doctor on the shoulder. "I'm not some tart!"

"Ow! I never said you were! Oh, this is coming out all wrong."

"That's one thing we can agree on. Your point?"

"My point is that we're mates, you and me. Like you said," the Doctor explained, rubbing his arm. "And mates don't use wiles on each other."

Donna nodded. "Well there we are, then."

"Buuuuut," the Doctor bobbed his head in consideration, "if it should ever happen that one mate used her wiles on another, it might be a bit of a shock.... if those wiles inspired certain thoughts and feelings... that those mates agreed not to have... for each other..."

Donna's eyes went wide as she stared at the Doctor.

"...I'd imagine," he finished quickly.

She turned to study the ground. And then the walls. Anywhere but his face as hers flushed crimson to match her hair. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she was aware of the TARDIS humming louder than usual, possibly laughing in amusement, though she'd deal with that thought later.

The Doctor took Donna's stunned silence as an opportunity to make his escape from the awkward conversation. He cleared his throat and jumped up to tend to the broken button on the console again, with a, "So. Anyway. Right. Good chat, Donna."

Donna's eyebrows knit together, partly in confusion and partly in frustration as the Doctor continued jabbing at that damned blue button.

"I'm knackered," he announced with a suspicious amount of energy, "with, you know, almost dying and all that. I'll be off for a kip. G'night!"

The Doctor was quick to head for the doorway, but Donna was faster and grabbed him by the arm, forcing him to spin around and look at her. Really look at her. And she looked like she was about to cry.

"Oh, I've ruined everything now, haven't I?" the Doctor mused, suddenly deflated.

"Doctor, you don't have to lie to me. I know I'm nothing special."

"What? Donna, no! I...blimey." He led her back to the jumpseat, where they resumed their earlier position, side-by-side. The Doctor continued, "Donna, you constantly put yourself down with all your talk about not being pretty enough or thin enough or smart enough. And you're wrong, Donna. You're so very wrong. You're amazing in so many ways."

"Right," Donna scoffed. "Name one."

"You're gorgeous just the way you are, inside and out, and your quick thinking has saved us both repeatedly! I only take on the best as my companions. You're smart and stunning and headstrong and caring. And when I look at you, I see..."

The Doctor's breath caught as he really looked at her. He saw a fiery brilliance and the potential for Donna to be so much more than an ordinary human. She seemed to glow and resonate with wisdom beyond her years and beyond her own understanding. In that moment, the Doctor swore she looked like a goddess.

Shocked by this revelation (he could have had another detox episode if there were any anchovies handy) he let out an astonished breath. In the most sincere voice he declared, "I see the most important woman in the whole wide universe."

Donna rolled her eyes. "Laying it on a bit thick there, Time Boy. You don't mean that."

"I do though! It's been so long since I've traveled with someone who's an equal and not just a passenger or a tourist along for the ride. I'd gotten used to impressing my companions with sightseeing and adventure. But I don't have to do that with you because you see me for who I am, flaws and all, and you stay with me anyway. Sure we're seen some amazing things together, you and me. But we travel to make the places we visit better." He took her hands in his again and declared, "You, Donna Noble, make me better. And when I look at you, I see an already brilliant and beautiful woman with so much kindness to share, and one who has an amazing amount of potential to be so much more than she ever dreamed possible. Cross my hearts."

Donna's jaw practically hit the floor. When a solid minute passed without either one of them saying anything, the Doctor winced, suddenly worried. "That didn't come out right either, did it? Oh I am rubbish at this."

"I guess words are all well and good, but that's not it." Donna looked away. "Thing is, I'm still a temp even when I'm traveling with you. I'm just filling in because the spot's available. I sought you out like a nutter, had my entire wardrobe packed in the boot of my car, and practically invited myself along. You didn't have much of a choice in the matter. It's not me you want here, and we both know it. You'd rather have Rose. And I get that. I understand. I'm your new temporary assistant, and I know I'll never measure up."

The Doctor's hearts broke. Is that what she really thought? "Donna, look at me," he begged. "Please."

Donna lifted her head ever so slightly and gave him a sidelong glance, still refusing to face him. But at least she met his eyes.

"Rose was the first companion I had after I'd lost everything I'd ever cared about: after I killed my own people," the Doctor explained. "I was so calloused and full of despair and self-loathing, and her innocence, playfulness, and sense of wonder softened me. She was what I needed at the time. And I'm so grateful to her for helping me heal. But I had to move on without her."

"See? That's how this works. All of your companions, we're just little blips on your timeline. One of us leaves, and you move on. You must've had dozens of us travel with you, and yet you never mention them. But that's how it has to be. You remember the past and might be able to see the future sometimes, but you live in the present. And that's why I'm just a temp: because you need someone for now. But I know this has to end sometime, me traveling with you. And then you'll need someone else. You'll go on, you'll live, you'll remember, yeah?" Donna bowed her head and was startled to find she was crying as several tears fell into her lap. "And it doesn't take superior Time Lord senses or whatever for me to know that there will be a time in your life when I'm no longer in it."

"Hey, c'mere," the Doctor whispered, wrapping her in a hug as she cried on his shoulder. "We're going to have the best of times, you and me. The best. And you're not a temp. You are one of the best companions I've ever had. I mean that. You're brilliant, you are. And I'll keep telling you that until you believe it. I don't want just anyone traveling with me. I want you, Donna. For as long as you want to stay."

"Well, I'm sure as hell not leaving as long as I have any say in the matter. You're the best friend I've ever had. Can't get rid of me that easy. 'Cos you need someone to make sure you clean up all your knick knacks and use a spoon when you eat marmalade and to shut you up when you get to talking technical nonsense and to keep your spirits up when you're feeling down. Like a big needy kid, you are. A giant hyperactive space toddler."

The Doctor grinned. "No one's ever called me that before."

"Then they're missing a trick," Donna quipped. "So you an' me, in the future. We'll have the best of times, yeah?"

"Oh yes." The Doctor nodded. "The best."

Hey! I still exist! *waves*

So sorry for the lack of posting and commenting. RL has been suuuuuper busy and I AM working on a few fic ideas and vids. I don't want to be "that guy" who posts a couple fully formed chapters of a story and then abandons it because either inspiration has left or I don't like or know where it's going. It is bound to happen with this one though. Not to get into too many details, but it is an attempt at a JE fixit for Ten/Donna that got way out of hand. 2 chapters are written and the third is severely lacking in quality and I don't really have an ending in mind... My plot bunny bit me and hopped away. Plus I have work and a video project to finish for RL that has been nagging me every day.

I have a lot of Friend posts to read and fics to catch up on and review. Looking forward to it when I get a break.

Where is my mind?

Let's talk about DW Series 4 foreshadowing. RTD, I love you for your artistic vision and happy accidents and whatnot, but I am also very angry about it because it just. works. too. well.

I had the idea to make a video about The DoctorDonna. This morphed into making a video about the mental state of Donna and the Doctor throughout Series 4 as they become more and more alike and then their connection is abruptly severed. This morphed into me wondering why my muse wants to torture me with ideas like using Yoav's cover of "Where is My Mind?" for this video, and also why I thought it would be a good artistic choice to have these two lines of dialogue overlap as the song ramps up (at 2:43):
"Ice cream...ice cream...ice cream...ice cream..."
"Binary, binary, binary, binary, binary..."

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Insert foreshadowing joke here. In my search for clips to use in this emotional trainwreck of a video, I noticed more connections and patterns in Donna's journey. There are so many lines of dialogue about remembering and being remembered and memory to the point where I wondered how I didn't predict Donna's fate from the start.

And then there's one scene fairly early on that somehow escaped my attention. There are a few lines of dialogue that are easy to overlook because it's basically exposition, and we know The Doctor does a heck of a lot of that. So let's talk about the scene from "Planet of the Ood" where Ten mind-melds with Donna and then this exchange occurs...
The Doctor: It's a brain. A hind brain. The Ood are born with a secondary brain. Like the amygdala in humans, it processes memory and emotions. You get rid of that, you wouldn't be Donna any more. You'd be like an Ood, a processed Ood.
Donna: So the company... cuts off their brains?
The Doctor: And they stitch on the translator.
Donna: Like a lobotomy. I spent all that time looking for you, Doctor, because I thought it would be so wonderful out here. I want to go home.

Seriously, WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK?! Has anyone else felt physically ill rewatching that scene after seeing Series 4 all the way through? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS, PLEASE? Can we talk about how the Doctor lobotomized his best friend and turned her into the equivalent of a processed Ood?

And let's not forget that line about the DoctorDonna "fighting, even now" in EoT after the Doctor goes to see the Ood, and they've developed the ability to see the end of everything. Is Donna psychically connected somehow?

Back to PotO and this little line of dialogue:
Doctor: Funny thing, the subconscious. Takes all sorts of shapes. Came out in the red eye as revenge, came out in the rabid Ood as anger, and then there was patience. All that intelligence and mercy, focused on Ood Sigma.

What shape would Donna's subconscious take? Should she follow Ood Sigma's lead, my guess is that she'd fob watch the Doctor into thinking he's John Smith and turn him into a human. After all, he kinda sorta turned her into a Time Lady.

Seriously, where is my mind?

And why did I drink that Red Bull after dinner?


Wait a minute...

Look at Ten's tie in "The Day of the Doctor" and tell me, are those...



Doctor Who Vid Rec

New favorite video! Well, ONE of my new favorite videos.

I did NOT make this; Di Wey on YouTube did! I just thought it was awesome and wanted to share it with my followers here on good ol' LJ.

So many good moments in this one, and a perfect ending...and a perfect bonus track.

I present "Tenth Doctor: The Musical"

Haha! The Doctor got Rick Roll'd!

Just when I thought I'd seen it all...

I've found more Donna Noble and Catherine Tate fans on Tumblr.

There goes the rest of my night.

If you need me, I'll be reading 10/Donna fic and looking at pretty DW gifsets.



...when there's stuff.

Just a disclaimer, I did not make this, I found it and wanted to share the hilarity. I needed a good laugh after today.

:54 and the end! But :54! I am STILL laughing! I just want that part on a loop!

But I thought he was John Smith...

drunk!Doctor is confused: