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Where is my mind?

Let's talk about DW Series 4 foreshadowing. RTD, I love you for your artistic vision and happy accidents and whatnot, but I am also very angry about it because it just. works. too. well.

I had the idea to make a video about The DoctorDonna. This morphed into making a video about the mental state of Donna and the Doctor throughout Series 4 as they become more and more alike and then their connection is abruptly severed. This morphed into me wondering why my muse wants to torture me with ideas like using Yoav's cover of "Where is My Mind?" for this video, and also why I thought it would be a good artistic choice to have these two lines of dialogue overlap as the song ramps up (at 2:43):
"Ice cream...ice cream...ice cream...ice cream..."
"Binary, binary, binary, binary, binary..."

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Insert foreshadowing joke here. In my search for clips to use in this emotional trainwreck of a video, I noticed more connections and patterns in Donna's journey. There are so many lines of dialogue about remembering and being remembered and memory to the point where I wondered how I didn't predict Donna's fate from the start.

And then there's one scene fairly early on that somehow escaped my attention. There are a few lines of dialogue that are easy to overlook because it's basically exposition, and we know The Doctor does a heck of a lot of that. So let's talk about the scene from "Planet of the Ood" where Ten mind-melds with Donna and then this exchange occurs...
The Doctor: It's a brain. A hind brain. The Ood are born with a secondary brain. Like the amygdala in humans, it processes memory and emotions. You get rid of that, you wouldn't be Donna any more. You'd be like an Ood, a processed Ood.
Donna: So the company... cuts off their brains?
The Doctor: And they stitch on the translator.
Donna: Like a lobotomy. I spent all that time looking for you, Doctor, because I thought it would be so wonderful out here. I want to go home.

Seriously, WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK?! Has anyone else felt physically ill rewatching that scene after seeing Series 4 all the way through? CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS, PLEASE? Can we talk about how the Doctor lobotomized his best friend and turned her into the equivalent of a processed Ood?

And let's not forget that line about the DoctorDonna "fighting, even now" in EoT after the Doctor goes to see the Ood, and they've developed the ability to see the end of everything. Is Donna psychically connected somehow?

Back to PotO and this little line of dialogue:
Doctor: Funny thing, the subconscious. Takes all sorts of shapes. Came out in the red eye as revenge, came out in the rabid Ood as anger, and then there was patience. All that intelligence and mercy, focused on Ood Sigma.

What shape would Donna's subconscious take? Should she follow Ood Sigma's lead, my guess is that she'd fob watch the Doctor into thinking he's John Smith and turn him into a human. After all, he kinda sorta turned her into a Time Lady.

Seriously, where is my mind?

And why did I drink that Red Bull after dinner?



Apr. 5th, 2014 06:35 pm (UTC)

This is not okay. Because you're totally right, that Donna became like a processed Ood after 10 took all her memories from her. He took away the person she became when she traveled with him, and even Wilf told him she was better with him. Damnit, right in the feels!
Apr. 5th, 2014 06:44 pm (UTC)
As I mentioned earlier, I felt physically ill when the realization hit. And Donna's reaction ("Take it away. I can't bear it") to how the Ood are treated ("I want to go home") combined with our knowledge of her fate. If you intercut those two scenes from PotO and JE you will end up horrified. And you can trust me on that because I actually used my vid editing software and did it. I had to walk away from my computer after.

Off to watch some crack!vids to cheer myself up.
Apr. 5th, 2014 06:47 pm (UTC)
The real reason 10 regenerates is the guilt of what he did to Donna, the radiation was just the icing on the cake.

Edited at 2014-04-05 06:47 pm (UTC)
Apr. 5th, 2014 07:18 pm (UTC)
Apr. 6th, 2014 01:59 am (UTC)
I agree, he had more guilt with that than anything else (even accounting for his role in the Time Wars)... it totally shattered him. He spun out of control and was hugely reckless. It was like he was looking to get out.

Her fate made me sick, especially the fact that it was at the Doctor's own hands... he didn't like it when the Time Lords did that to a couple of his former companions, so why would he do it to her, especially when she made her preferences absolutely crystal clear? She wanted to give him her forever, whatever it was, and he denied her that. Went in and ravaged her mind against her will.

The radiation... it was at Wilf's hand the Doctor regenerated. (Not that Wilf wanted to cause the Doctor to "die"...) How ironic.

Even Eleven felt some of the guilt... he actually screamed when Donna's form appeared as the voice interface and asked the TARDIS to give him someone whose life he hadn't ruined yet. Also, he wouldn't respond and might have even cringed a bit when Amy called herself his best friend.
Apr. 6th, 2014 03:35 pm (UTC)
In "Let's Kill Hitler" Eleven said "Give me someone I like." Then (sarcastically) "Give me guilt...more guilt...ahh!" And then he asked if there was anyone's life he hadn't ruined yet. Yeah he screamed when he saw Donna's image. And rightfully so. I've been working on a fic where the Doctor comes back to apologize to Wilf and check on Donna from afar and it has morphed into something way bigger than I expected. I'm getting stuck so I don't want to post the first part until I have it outlined. I have no plan for where this thing is headed and I know I will abandon it if it doesn't work out, so...yeah trying to work on that.