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Deep Thoughts

Profound thought of the day, brought to you by Texts From the TARDIS:

That is all.

Fic: In Case of Emergency

Title: In Case of Emergency
Author: starseeker32
Rating: K+ or PG
Words: 1044
Characters: Ten/Donna
Warnings/Spoilers: Donna's thoughts during The Kiss (yes, capitalized and with a great big "The") in "The Unicorn and the Wasp."
Summary: Donna shocks the Doctor and herself.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I just wanted to play with the BBC's characters for a bit.
Prompt/Author's Note: "Near death experience + touch telepathy." This is what instantly came to mind.

[How could The Doctor be so good at miming and so bad at Charades?]

How could The Doctor be so good at miming and so bad at Charades?

"I dunno! Camptown Races!" Donna blurted out as she tried to decipher the Doctor's wild gesticulations.

"Camptown Races?!"

"Well all right, then! Towering inferno!" Donna guessed again, mirroring her idiot Martian's movements, hoping he'd catch on to how ridiculous his clues were.

She still thought his frantic gestures looked like jazz hands. Towering inferno? If he thought she was going back to Pompeii, he had another thing coming!

Donna was about to guess "deranged emu" when the Doctor, all bug-eyed with flailing arms and legs, explained, "It's a shock! A shock! I need a shock!"

Well why the hell didn't he say that the first time, the plonker!

A shock. Shock, shock, shock... Electrical shock? Toxic shock? Anaphylactic shock? Physical shock? Emotional shock?

God, now Donna was starting to think like him. She thought she'd be lucky if her brain didn't explode, the rate she was going. Though she reckoned that'd be a big shock enough for the both of them.

How to best shock the Doctor? The possibilities raced through Donna's mind, but the one she chose to act upon was a shock even to her. It would have to do. She would deal with the consequences later. Right now, she needed to shock the Doctor like his life depended on it because...well, because it did!

"All right, then!" Donna declared breathlessly. "Big shock coming up!"

She lunged at him, pulling him up by his lapels, grasping his head in her hands, and planting a kiss firmly on his lips. She expected the salty taste of walnuts and anchovies. What she didn't expect were the rushes of thoughts and emotions that overwhelmed the rest of her senses.

The force of the kiss caused her to stumble back, and Donna held onto the Doctor by his jacket as he latched onto her lips with his. Her eyes snapped shut, and somewhere in between 'This is mental!' and 'I've had worse' she saw a universe of possibilities flash before her like when she flipped through channels on the telly. Each vision might have only lasted a fraction of a second, but Donna registered every single detail. If the Doctor was in danger of dying, why the hell was she the one having an out of body experience and seeing her life flash before her eyes?

Donna saw a universe in which the Doctor was grieving over her lifeless body. They were in the middle of a desolate street with abandoned cars, ash, and rubble surrounding them. A blonde woman she didn't recognize and a handsome man dressed in a long military coat hurried over to the scene, both toting large guns. Remnants of what appeared to be a giant pepper pot were scattered nearby. The Doctor cradled Donna to his chest and rocked her back and forth. He cried into her hair muttering, "No, no. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. My Donna. My brilliant Donna," over and over again as it started to rain, like the Earth was crying with him.

She saw a universe in which she was the Doctor's equal. They were partners in crime setting the TARDIS coordinates to random and laughing as the Old Girl lurched back and forth. The ship threw Donna into the Doctor's arms, and he caught her before she hit the ground. She shot him a grateful smile before taking her turn at the controls with a very Doctor-like "Allons-y!"

There was a universe in which two ginger Time Tots, no more than four years old, raced around the console room while the Doctor simultaneously fiddled with some wiring and scolded the children to slow down. An amused Donna watched from the jumpseat with her hands resting on her very pregnant belly.

She saw a universe in which she was back to temping on Earth. She walked into the lobby of her office building to greet a man who looked like the Doctor, but whom she called John. He had a single heart, one that was all hers.

There was a universe in which she woke up in a large house next to a man called Shaun. They wore matching wedding bands, and Donna gave him a peck on the cheek and a "Good morning."

Then there was a universe in which she had two children with her husband called Lee. There were twins: boy with tousled brown hair and a girl with ginger curls.

Donna's need for air combined with her own shock caused her to let go. The Doctor stumbled away from her, snapping his head skyward as he breathed out a cloud of smoke. Donna was left leaning against the counter with her chest heaving and the taste of anchovies in her mouth as she tried to process what the hell had just happened.

She had just snogged her best friend. Her alien best friend. Her long-streak-of-alien-nothing best friend. And the shock had worked because, well, mates didn't do things like snog each other senseless in a room full of strangers while one of them was dying of poison and bingeing on tiny salty fish, now did they?

"Oh! Detox! I must do that more often!" the Doctor declared, wiping his mouth on his shirtsleeve.

Donna gulped as she felt the familiar feeling of excitement bubble up inside her. It was the same feeling she got when she stepped outside the TARDIS onto a new world or when the Doctor's eyes lit up or when he hugged her and told her she was brilliant: like she swallowed a hamster.

And, hang on, what did he just say?!

"I mean the...the detox."

"Doctor, you are impossible!" Agatha exclaimed, calling Donna's mind back to the present. (Or was it the past, since they were in the 1920s? It was all very wibbly-wobbly.) "Who are you?"

Donna thought back to the Doctor's earlier words: Not impossible. Just a bit unlikely.

As if he knew what she was thinking, the Doctor responded by winking before racing from the room. She hurried after him, hoping they would get a chance to talk about the kiss and her strange visions later. For now, she was just grateful she'd saved her womanly wiles in case of emergency.

Part 2

Fic: A Funny Old Life (3/3)

Title: A Funny Old Life (3/3)
Author: starseeker32
Rating: K+ or PG
Words: 1689
Characters: Ten/Donna, hurt/comfort, UST and angst
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty coda to "Forest of the Dead"
Summary: Part 3 in which Donna's subconscious connects some rather interesting dots, and we find out where the Doctor gets a few of his more memorable quotes. (Copyright: Donna Noble.)
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I just wanted to play with the BBC's characters for a bit and help them heal after the emotional ringer I put them through in the first two (and a half) parts.
A/N: Some bits of dialogue are borrowed from the actual show for dramatic effect. And I'll let my dear readers be the judge of what happened between the end of this story and Midnight.
Previously: Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5 (alternate ending to Part 2 that I've grown to love)

The Doctor awoke to find Donna nestled in his arms.Collapse )

DW Fan Vid: Llama Llama Duck

I'm posting this in the doctor_donna community because my fellow Whovian, hezikiah wrote and performed the song in this one. Also, there is a little bit of favoritism toward Donna and Ten in these clips. Literal shout-outs, if you will. :-)

If you're not familiar with the ridiculous "Llama, Llama, Duck" song, watch that video first:

And now, dear Whovians, prepare for some lighthearted ridiculosity:

Fic: A Funny Old Life (2.5/3)

Here is an alternate ending to Part 2, with some extra angst thrown in. It was cut because it didn't go with the tone of Part 3 that I'm currently working on. Thankfully, Part 3 is more lighthearted. Less angst, more healing. Alternate ending after the asterisks.

Tissues: If you've got 'em, use 'em!

Title: A Funny Old Life (2.5/3)
Author: starseeker32
Characters: Ten/Donna
Rating: K+ or PG
Word Count: 1153
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty coda to "Forest of the Dead"
Summary: The Doctor helps Donna process her grief after they return from The Library.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, but I do own a TARDIS mug.
Author's Note: Contains some dialogue borrowed from the show.
Previously: Part 1, Part 2

"Gorgeous and brilliant," the Doctor mused, "just like their mum."

Donna was too tired to dispute the compliment. "It felt real, in the computer. Everything felt real, but it wasn't," she rambled lazily. "But you're real. Here and now, this is real, yeah? I see the most impossible things traveling with you, and now I can't help but wonder if I'm going mad sometimes. It's like I can't trust my own mind."

The Doctor tilted Donna's chin up so that they were face-to-face. "I promise you, I'm real. This is real."

***Collapse )

Fic: A Funny Old Life (2/3)

Title: A Funny Old Life (2/3)
Author: starseeker32
Characters: Ten/Donna friendship (some UST thrown in), the TARDIS
Rating: K+ or PG
Word Count: 1905
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty coda to "Forest of the Dead"
Summary: The Doctor comforts Donna after returning from The Library.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who, but I do own a TARDIS mug.
A/N: Get your tissues ready. There were four additional pages I left out that were REALLY depressing. I'll post those as an alternate ending a little later.
Previously: Part 1

It broke the Doctor's hearts when Donna cried.Collapse )

Angsty muse, why do I let you out?

My Doctor Who fan fiction in one gif:

What is wrong with me?! I'm crying as I'm writing this thing! No, no, no, no!

Fic: A Funny Old Life

I thought I'd try my hand at writing a Doctor Who fic, and this is what happened. It is unbeta'd. Be gentle, please.

Author: starseeker32
Title: A Funny Old Life (1/3)
Rating: K+
Word Count: 765
Characters: Donna, mentions of the Doctor and Lee
Warnings/Spoilers: Angsty coda to "Forest of the Dead"
Summary: Donna reflects on her life after her trip to The Library.
Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. I do, however, own a sonic screwdriver pen and I love it!
A/N: Introspective angst everywhere!

Maybe this was her penance for killing Lady Edison's son.Collapse )

Red Versus The Bad Wolf: An AU Fanvid

I made a thing! It's not perfect, but I have a feeling I'll have to finish my existing projects and re-import all of my DW episodes to start anew. My editing program hates me...mostly from an audio rendering standpoint.

I'm very much a Doctor/Donna fan, but this is a tragic AU. You've been warned.

I figured out a solution to the audio problems I've been having with my videos. It involved upgrading to Mavericks, updating my Final Cut, and optimizing all my video files. It turns out a lot of other FCP users were having similar problems. So after backing up my harddrive, installing updates, and popping some Tylenol, the question remains: should I reupload my videos to YouTube? There are only a few of them, but I like the fact that people have been commenting and leaving "likes" for me. So...comments? Questions? Total silence?

So far, so good. Touch wood. In case my computer explodes, I have a backup. So stay tuned for updates. I almost finished my Bad Wolf video, but then I decided to mess around with the audio (now that it's working properly), and I decided to add even more clips and dialogue in place of some awkward reaction shots. This may be epically good or turn into an epic failure. Only time will tell.